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Thanks for visiting our website! We are a Specialty Coffee Company with 2 coffee shop locations, and a roastery.

Here you can order ahead to pick up drinks and food in our cafes. Order fresh roasted coffee, loose leaf teas, and all the equipment needed to brew at home.

Check out our physical locations in Cedarville, Jamestown and Springfield.

Home-Brewing Equipment

Shop all the equipment needed to brew excellent coffee and tea at home!


Roast Levels and the Reasoning Behind Them 

Every blend of coffee beans has a myriad of flavors that it can potentially unleash depending on roast level and origin. These range from grass, to...

Take Iced Tea to the Next Level: Cold Brew It!

Wondering about how to take your love of iced tea in the summer to a new level? Cold brew is not only delicious, it's easy!

Our First Direct Trade Coffee: Columbia Sierra Nevada

A brief summary of our Columbia Sierra Nevada Direct Trade coffee.  Organic, Rainforest Alliance certified, and Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center certified, this premium coffee not only comes from a fantastic farm but has a wonderful rich taste.

Coffee Offerings: Single Origin Costa Rican, Sumatran, and our River Blend

One of the fun things about roasting our own coffee and offering those fresh beans is helping people learn more about the different coffee beans, h...

Cafe Locations

Drive-thru at our Jamestown location, or dine-in at our Cedarville Cafe.