Welcome to Orion Coffee And Tea

Thanks for visiting our website! We are a Specialty Coffee Company with 3 coffee shop locations, and a roastery.

Here you can order ahead to pick up drinks and food in our cafes. Order fresh roasted coffee, loose leaf teas, and all the equipment needed to brew at home.

Check out our physical locations in Cedarville, Jamestown, Washington Court House and Springfield.

Home-Brewing Equipment

Shop all the equipment needed to brew excellent coffee and tea at home!


Coffee: Which Brewing Method is Right for You?

What's the point of all the fancy brewing equipment? Is it necessary, or is an automatic brewer better for your lifestyle? Read this for insight into what method is right for you.

An Introduction to Tasting Notes

Blueberry, mint, and orange: do people really taste such things when they drink coffee or are they making things up? Is fancy coffee all that it's cracked up to be?

Espresso at Home on a Budget

Brewing great espresso doesn't have to be expensive. Most articles try to say that $250 is the bare minimum for budget options, but that's not the case.

Roast Levels and the Reasoning Behind Them 

Light roasts, dark roasts? What's right for you? Is it worth straying from your old standby? Read this blog for an introduction to your options!

Cafe Locations

Drive-thru at our Jamestown location, dine-in at our Cedarville Cafe, or drive-thru at our Coffee Trailer in Washington Court House.

Careers Page

We now have a careers page. You can see all open positions, as well as an option to Join Our Talent Community. If you are not ready to apply, or we don't have any active job openings, sign-up and you will be notified of new positions.