Orion espresso cart

Looking for a way to make your event extra memorable? We have just the thing! Orion can come and serve handmade lattes at your wedding, shower, corporate event, or party! 

~ We operate in a 2-ish hour radius of our coffee shops East of Dayton, Ohio ~

We come with our highly mobile cart, our espresso machine, and a couple baristas and we can serve up delicious and artfully created lattes that your guests will love.  Too hot for lattes, you say? We can do iced lattes as well!  We can customize what we serve to fit your needs- milk alternatives, a variety of syrups, custom cup sleeves that celebrate your event, we can even bring a keg of cold brew! We're a great alternative to serving alcohol at your event, or if you want a fun option for non-drinkers.

Orion Espresso Cart

When we come to your event we serve unlimited drinks for as many hours as you've asked us to be there- we can average 45 drinks an hour.  We're happy to incorporate any décor that goes with your theme if you wish, though our cart looks classy all by itself too.

NEW: We are now offering a mocktail/handmade soda option instead of espresso! Perfect if coffee/caffeine doesn't seem like the right fit for your event but you still want a memorable non-alcohol option.  Our mocktails/sodas have dozens of customization options and include beautiful garnishes to make these drinks something your guests will remember!


Orion Mocktail Cart

Want to discuss how we could work with you? Please email Sharayah at sharayah@orioncoffeeandtea.com to start chatting. 

Espresso Cart Pricing & Options

 1 Hour (about 45 lattes) $300
2 Hours $550
                    $175 for each additional hour
Base Cart Price Includes: Espresso Cart, 2 Baristas, Whole Milk, 2 Syrup Flavor choices, ability to make 45 hot or iced lattes per hour, cups, Orion Coffee sleeves
Add Ons:
Customized Cup Sleeve $50 for 100, $10 for each additional 50
Additional Syrup Options $15 per additional syrup flavor
Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives Dependent on market prices
Custom Coffee Stencil $25 per design


Espresso Cart Lattes

 Mocktail/Soda Cart Pricing & Options

 1 Hour (about 60 drinks) $250
2 Hours $450
$150 for each additional hour *discounts available for weekday events
Base Price Includes Orion Catering Cart, 2 baristas, 4 unique mocktails/sodas choices, garnishes 
Add Ons:
Additional Mocktail/Soda Options $15 per additional flavor
Example Menu Items: Blue Curacao Lemonade, Orange Spritzer, Handmade Rootbeer with cold foam, Strawberry Rose Citrus, Dragon Fruit Mintjito
Orion Mocktail Catering