Selling coffee, tea and hot chocolate is an excellent idea for fund raising. Orion Coffee And Tea has a few options available for those looking for new, exciting fund raising opportunities. 

One is a simple, 50% share of coffee sold by your organization is yours! You can chose from any of our current coffee, tea or chocolate offerings. Your organization will presell the products, and after the end date, we will produce and package the order. This is very easy for your organization to raise some funds. 

Another option is Private Label fundraising. We will help you develop labels and names for the coffee, tea and chocolate you want to sell. We will also help you develop prices for the products. There are additional fees with this option, but you get fully branded products delivered to your customers. This is an excellent idea if you are trying to spread work about your organization, leaving a friendly reminder of your organization with new contacts or building a brand identity of your organization. 

If you are interested in learning more about our fundraising opportunities, contact us at

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