Orion Coffee And Tea was born in 2019. In December 2018, Eric and Sharayah Irwin purchased Telemetry Coffee Roasters from Taylor Minor. Telemetry had been in business and roasted coffee since 2018. The Irwin's built on the foundation that Taylor laid and began a new chapter. In August, they rebranded to Orion Coffee And Tea. 

The first major change, was adding a large selection of loose leaf teas. We now have over 24 loose leaf teas on offer. We source our tea from quality suppliers and farmers around the globe.

Coffee Roasting has always been a major focus and area to improve. We regularly roast two days a week to ensure we have fresh, small batch roasted coffee for our customers to enjoy. 

We are excited you have stopped by our website! We hope you enjoy the products and services we have to offer!