OXO Twisting Tea Ball | Home Brewing Equipment

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The OXO Brew Twisting Tea Ball makes it simple to scoop, steep and savor your favorite loose leaf tea. The unique twisting handle lets you load a generous amount of tea into the Ball while the spinning design makes for easy emptying. Extra small etched holes prevent unwanted particles from escaping into your cup, and the right-sized neck fits most mugs and rests safely against the sides without slipping. With a soft grip for comfortable stirring, the Twisting Tea Ball is also great for steeping herbs and spices. Dishwasher safe.

Twisting feature makes filling with a large amount loose leaf tea a breeze
Extra small etched holes prevent particles from getting into your mug
Long, stainless steel neck accommodates most cups and mugs
Works with all loose leaf teas, also great for herbs and spices
Soft, comfortable, non-slip grip
Dishwasher safe and BPA-free